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Glitch Tamer®

  • P31066 - Glitch Tamer Six®
    P31066 - Glitch Tamer Six®
  • P31069 - Glitch Tamer® Igniter
UL Listing 100902
    P31069 - Glitch Tamer® Igniter UL Listing 100902

"Functions as a 'Mini' INT"


Glitch Tamer® Six

The Glitch Tamer® is a six-pair device designed to control AC voltage that is causing lost productivity and faulty operation of customer key systems and PBXs. Installed on the customer side of the network interface, the economical Glitch Tamer controls low level voltages (less than 65 Volts AC) that are causing problems.


Glitch Tamer® Igniter

When a Glitch Tamer® Six is installed, one of the pairs going through the Glitch Tamer® must be grounded at the central office and at the station to provide a primary winding or "exciting" pair. The Igniter allows the use of a working pair to "turn on" or provide the necessary exciting current path to make the Glitch Tamer® function effectively. The result is that a spare pair is no longer required to be grounded at both ends of a neutralized cable route. The igniter is a drainage reactor, specifically designed for either 50 or 60 Hz. It is easily bridged across one working circuit, thus providing a low impedance path-to-ground for longitudinal power line-induced interfering current flow. One igniter is normally required for each Glitch Tamer® Six installation.