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Test Sets

  • P15117 - HumZapper
    P15117 - HumZapper
  • P31046 - Li'l Zapper with Fanny Pack, 3' Test Leads, Alligator Clips
    P31046 - Li'l Zapper with Fanny Pack, 3' Test Leads, Alligator Clips


Finally... a Test Set that Takes Noise Out of a Circuit

P15117 - HumZapper

Everything needed in one small package to locate and treat (ZAP) noise and other AC induced voltage problems. Combination plug-in/binding post terminals allow fast hookup of the HumZapper’s built-in 6 pair Induction Neutralizing Transformer (INT), 70 volt Noise Choke, or Transformer Exciting Network (TEN).

To see their effect on a circuit and confirm your solution, the HumZapper is available with a digital multi-meter and a variety of test leads. When not in use, the multi-meter slips into a convenient storage compartment.

Part No.


Size - Inches/(cm)
P15117 HumZapper with multi-meter-50/60 Hz*

11" x 12" x 9.5"
(28 x 30 x 24)

P15116 HumZapper only (no meter)-50/60 Hz*  

11" x 12" x 9.5"
(28 x 30 x 24)

*HumZapper units are also available for rental. Contact SNC Manufacturing for further information.


Li'L Zapper

If you’ve used the SNC HumZapper before, you know it’s a great tool for quickly finding the best SNC solution for noise on a circuit. Now the Li’l Zapper’s economical price makes it a time-saver every professional telephone person should have.

The Li’l Zapper is a handy test set that comes with its own fanny pack and three foot cords with Butt set-type alligator clips. By simply changing hookups one can:

  • Readily determine if a noise problem is in the telco cable plant or in the customer premise equipment or wiring
  • Identify the most practical and economical noise solution - i.e. Noise Choke, HDR, SNIX
  • Get some indication of the effect an INT would have on the cable and the approximate location at which it would be most effective