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Restore-Lite Temporary Power Restoration System P80070 - P80071 - P80072 - P80073 - P80074 T0592

The Restore-Lite® Temporary Power Restoration System is a compact mobile transformer unit that contains a single-phase, floating-tap transformer designed to restore power to customers who have a single-faulted conductor on 120/240V service. The Restore-Lite® can be installed between the customer’s meter base and transformer to restore power without immediately locating and repairing the cable fault or running temporary cable above ground.
The Restore-Lite® is designed to restore load current on an open hot leg up to the unit’s designated current rating. On an open neutral, the unit restores full service up to the current rating in neutral current.
The Restore-Lite® system only works if two good conductors with sufficient insulation are available (e.g., one hot leg and a neutral or two hot legs and no neutral). Also, the neutral pigtail must be intact on the meter adapter and connected to the service neutral for the Restore-Lite® to work properly.