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Job Description

  • Direct, assist and work with others, as assigned, in accordance with schedules, workload assignments, and operating procedures. Work involves the servicing of others with materials/parts, applicable tooling, fixtures, and equipment, requisitioning materials from the stockroom or other designated storage areas, laying out the workplace, and instructing the incumbent in the proper performance of the work. Periodically, review the operations to ensure that work is being performed in accordance with specifications and quality requirements.
  • Receive direction regarding priorities, process and order of workflow from Supervisor. Work from production schedules, established job specifications, established practices, procedures, written and verbal instruction.
  • Fill out purchase requisitions. Request, receive, verify, check and return raw materials or parts from warehouse or appropriate department as required to assure smooth flow of production.
  • Set up, adjust machinery, fixtures, tools or equipment and/or assist assigned personnel with their respective functions, as required to maintain quality and production standards. Make suggestions on methods improvement and implement after approval by Supervisor. Perform any one of the assigned job specifications in its entirety in accordance with workload requirements and applicable standards and procedures.
  • Detect faulty operation or equipment, discrepancies in material, specifications, bills of material or shop orders and report to proper Supervisor. Provide for adequate service and maintenance of workplace area and equipment. Assure that all work is performed in conformance to quality standards and safety rules and regulations, the work area is maintained in neat and orderly manner, and all prescribed time and production is properly recorded.
  • Observe all prescribed safety regulations.

Minimum Requirements/Qualifications of Employer

Experience: Over 2 years up to and including 3 years of assembly experience preferred.

Other Qualifications:

  • Ability to use and interpret electrical transformer assembly drawings, standard operating procedures, shop orders, schedules, charts and specifications. Familiar with transformer component manufacturing process, quality and production requirements. Equivalent to 1 to 2 years applicable training in electrical transformer production.
  • Direct, assist and work with assigned personnel in the proper performance of their work.
  • Judgment is required to interpret make orders, specifications and other job-related documentation, prepare the workplace, requisition necessary tools and materials, set up the operation and make applicable decisions within limits of standard operating procedures.
  • Continuous mental and visual attention required to perform assigned work.

Position Details:

  • Work Site: 101 West Waukau Ave. Oshkosh, WI 54902
  • Pay: Starting at $14.98/hr., after 31st actually worked day/completion of probationary period = $15.61/hr.; 6 months raise =$16.02/hr.; 12 months raise = $16.43/hr.; 18 months raise = $16.86/hr. for Year 1.
  • Durations/Usual Hours Per Week:  Permanent, full-time, non-exempt. 40 hours/week minimum
  • Overtime: Voluntary; for all hours worked in excess of eight(8) in any workday; for hours worked in excess of forty (40) in a workweek; or for Saturday work (typically 5 hour shifts if offered).
  • Shift/Work Days: First Shift. Monday-Friday. 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Number of Openings: 1