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Improve operations and customer satisfaction

SNC Manufacturing builds two products specifically for power utility companies that enhance operations and customer satisfaction.

When devastating storms or other emergency situations occur, you need a fast, reliable way to restore power to your customers. Our Restore-Lite® temporary power restoration system allows you to restore power to individual homes and businesses within minutes, allowing you to schedule repairs at a more convenient time without having to run temporary cabling above ground. The product also is useful for utilities needing to schedule repairs during non-emergency situations.

Our award-winning Current Balancing Transformer (CBT) gives power companies a safe, effective tool for mitigating stray voltage and currents. Our patented unit, which meets the National Electric Safety Code (NESC Rule 97B), mitigates voltage and current while reducing harmonics, spikes and EMF fields.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these utility products, contact us or call (800) 558-3325.