Designed to install inside our Lyte Lynx® card shelf, these cards isolate from hazardous voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit.

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ADSLSingle4 wire25000 Hz3000000 Hz17.8 MbpsP30105Show More Details
ADSL2Single2 wire25000 Hz3000000 Hz17.8 MbpsP30104Show More Details
HDSL2 Line4 wire1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30050Show More Details
HDSLSingle4 wire1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30140Show More Details
HDSLSingle4 wire 1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30128Show More Details
HDSLSingle2 wire100 Hz780000 Hz4.68 MbpsP30085Show More Details
HDSLSingle2 wire 1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30076Show More Details
HDSL2Single2 wire 1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30115Show More Details
HDSL22 Line4 wire1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30117Show More Details
HDSL4Single4 wire100 Hz850000 Hz5.28 MbpsP30116Show More Details
ISDNSingle2 wire 100 Hz780000 Hz4.68 MbpsP30086Show More Details
ISDNSingle2 wire 25000 Hz3000000 Hz17.8 MbpsP30127Show More Details
ISDNSingle4 wire 410 Hz500000 Hz3.00 MbpsP30135Show More Details
Isolation Transformer2 Line4 wire1500 Hz850000 Hz5.09 MpbsP31035Show More Details
Isolation Transformer2 Line4 wire10000 Hz6000000 Hz35.9 MbpsP31036Show More Details
Isolation TransformerSingle2 wire10,000 Hz6,000,000 Hz35.9 MbpsP31043Show More Details
Isolation TransformerSingle2 wire 1,500 Hz850,000 Hz5.09 MpbsP31042Show More Details
POTS2 Line4 wire100 Hz780,000 Hz4.68 MbpsP30123Show More Details
POTS2 LineP30087Show More Details
POTS2 Line4 wireP30142Show More Details
POTSSingle2 wire100 Hz780,000 Hz4.68 MbpsP30120Show More Details
POTSSingle2 wire1,500 Hz850,000 Hz5.09 MpbsP30049Show More Details
Span PoweredSingle4 wire10,000 Hz6,000,000 Hz35.9 MbpsP30143Show More Details
T-CarrierSingle2 wire10,000 Hz6,000,000 Hz35.9 MbpsP30077Show More Details
T-Carrier2 Line4 wire 10,000 Hz6,000,000 Hz35.9 MbpsP30051Show More Details
Total ReachSingle4 wire410 Hz500,000 Hz3.00 MbpsP30101Show More Details

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