Temporary power restoration

Our RESTORE-LITE® system, available in three Amp ratings, restores meterable power to a single home or business within minutes allowing you to schedule permanent repairs at a more convenient time. RESTORE-LITE® is small and lightweight, allowing a single trouble man or cable technician to restore power within minutes instead of a field crew.

RESTORE-LITE® is compatible for use in USA and Canada. Click here for more information about Canada specific systems.

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1030080 Amp15.75" (400.1mm)21.65" (549.9mm)9.125" (231.8mm)P80070Show More Details
1015080 Amp15.75" (400.1mm)21.65" (549.9mm)9.125" (231.8mm)P80073Show More Details
15300125 Amp15.75" (400.1mm)21.65" (549.9mm)9.125" (231.8mm)P80071Show More Details
15150125 Amp15.75" (400.1mm)21.65" (549.9mm)9.125" (231.8mm)P80074Show More Details
20300160 Amp20.5" (520.7mm)30.5" (774.7mm)16" (406.4mm)P80072Show More Details

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