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Improve operations, boost customer satisfaction

Utilities that have high customer satisfaction also enjoy higher revenue with the ability to improve services. So, how can SNC Manufacturing help you achieve greater customer satisfaction? Our utility products help you meet your key objective to provide high-quality, reliable electric power to your customers, even during an outage.


Our RESTORE-LITE® system, available in three amp ratings, restores meterable power to a single home or business within minutes allowing you to schedule permanent repairs at a more convenient time.  RESTORE-LITE® is small and lightweight,  allowing a single trouble man or cable technician to restore power within minutes instead of a field crew. RESTORE-LITE® is...


Canada (ESA) Restore-Lite®

Our power restoration system manufactured specifically for use in Canada returns power to individual homes or businesses in just a few minutes. This allows you to make repairs at a time that is more convenient to you and the home or business owner.

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CBT Stray Voltage

If you’re concerned about stray voltage, our Current Balancing Transformer provides safe, effective voltage and electrical current mitigation. Our CBT mitigates stray voltage and currents in a grounding system that can return 98 percent of the current on the neutral.

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RESTORE-LITE® Components

RESTORE-LITE® Components

Browse our variety of kits and replacement parts for your RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration system.

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Whether you are looking to boost customer satisfaction with RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration or need our Current Balancing Transformer to mitigate stray voltage, you can put your trust in SNC Manufacturing. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 75 years.
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