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RESTORE-LITE® Components

Browse our variety of kits and replacement parts for your RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration system.

Control Transformer (CT) Protection Kit – Generation 3

The CT cord set monitors surge current over the ground conductor when RESTORE-LITE® is in use. In the event of a sustained 5-second in-rush of 10 amps or more, the device shuts the main breaker of the RESTORE-LITE® unit.

View Control Transformer (CT) Protection Kit – Generation 3

Lifting Kit

The lift kit assists multiple operators in lifting RESTORE-LITE® with its removable, convenient and ergonomic handle system that works on all units.  

View Lifting Kit

Duffle Bag Replacement

If your RESTORE-LITE® duffle bag has become damaged or is showing significant wear and tear, we have replacement bags available for order.

View Duffle Bag Replacement

Restore-Lite® Hitch Carrier

The receiver hitch carrier allows a single operator to transport a RESTORE-LITE® unit without the need for heavy lifting. The hitch carrier is adjustable for varying heights and mates with any 2-inch receiver hitch.

View Restore-Lite® Hitch Carrier